Providing quality social and health care, places high demands on providers. In response to the increasing and changing needs of service users, organisation providing care need to develop and innovate. The conference Advancing Practice for Health and Social Care Management Across Europe will reveal ways to respond to growing societal changes. It will show how different European countries respond to increasing demands. It will create space for sharing experiences, asking critical questions, revealing functional procedures, and also explore the shared challenges we face in these sectors.

The conference is an educational and social event of 2020. An event that no social and health care manager can miss.

About the Project

DOCMAN focuses on improving pedagogy specifically around blended education to prepare Health and Social Care managers for the challenges of integration, inclusion and innovation. Most European governments have cut or frozen welfare spending as the costs of healthcare continue to rise. Populations are aging often due to advances in healthcare which are often costly, however spending the most does not always guarantee the best outcomes. Demands to deliver a high quality, cost effective service have never been higher and innovation and shared learning is one the key mechanisms to deliver this. Read more…