Presenters’ profiles

Afseth Janyne, Edinburgh Napier University

Janyne is the project lead for the DOCMAN project.  She is a Lecturer and Programme leader with responsibility for leading the BSc Nursing (Singapore) and has previously led Masters programmes in healthcare management and clinical research. She is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the deputy School Academic Lead for International within the School of Health and Social Care at Edinburgh Napier University.  Janyne is on the Royal College of Nursing steering forum for Cancer and Breast Care and has led a working group that developed a nurse competency framework for working in a breast cancer speciality. She is also an external examiner for University of the West of England for their cancer and end of life care modules. Research interests are in the area of competency development and supportive care for cancer.

Campbell Karen, Edinburgh Napier University

Professional Development and Knowledge Delivery Manager (UK ) Macmillan Cancer Support.

Havrdová Mai Fathi, Interpreter

Studied at the Institute of Translation studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. In 2011 she received her master’s degree in Conference Interpreting for English and French. Since then she has worked as a free-lance translator and interpreter, translating several books and working for translation agencies, academic institutions, film production companies, and local NGOs.

Hradcová Dana, Charles University, FHS

Teaches ethics, quality management and practice research at the Department of Management and Supervision in Social and Health Organisations at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. As a researcher and consultant, she is involved in projects dedicated to the life with dis/ability. Her field of study is ethics and participatory approaches mostly in social and health services. As a lecturer and assistant, she cooperates with caregivers and self-advocates.

Huotari Päivi, PhD (Administr. Sciences), LAB University of Applied Sciences

Is responsible for the master’s degree programme in Transformational leadership and management in health and social and care. At present, she works in three international project focuing on leadership and management competencies in health and social care. In the Erasmus+ funded project DOCMAN, she is the project manager at LAB UAS. Her main interests are management theory and practice, strategic management, human resource and competence management, educational quality assurance, and development of virtual pedagogy.

Jaenisch Rumeysa, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Nursing at Istanbul University in Turkey, she gained practical experience in various fields in Germany. Parallel to her hospital occupation she completed her Master in Advanced Practice Nursing and became part of the Nursing Research Institute as a research assistant. Her research focus is especially on palliative care.

Kälviäinen Mirja, Ph.D (Arts and Culture), LAB University of Applied Sciences

Is a principal lecturer and course leader for the MA level design and media studies at the LAB University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design. She also carries docentships in two other Finnish universities. Her research work has included methods for user driven design, design thinking and service design with front end innovation process and co-design applications. Her user driven service design work includes helping elderly with independent living and young citizen in life challenges. Lately her research interest has concentrated on design for sustainable behaviour change important also in social and health related question.

Kleemann Wolfgang, Institut für Sozialarbeit und Sozialpädagogik ISS e.V. Frankfurt am Main

Diploma in biology, postgraduate in adult education, education and 20 years of practice as a systemic consultant in welfare organizations and politics; 6 years of experience as a manager and leader in his own scientific organization. Head of Division responsible for practice and scientific research and consulting especially concerning child and youth welfare, ageing society and welfare system/welfare organizations in Germany.

Krejčí Jiří, Charles University

Manager of the Children’s Palliative Care Department, university teacher, management consultant for social and health care organisations, used to work as director of inpatient hospice.

Lavi Dagmar, Foundation Hospital for the Holy Spirit in Frankfurt am Main.

She is a nurse and anesthesia and intensive care specialist. After a long stay in Israel and working there as the head nurse of the child intensive care unit, she had the opportunity to study health services in Boston/USA. After returning to Germany, she graduated as a health economist (ebs) and has been the nursing director of the Hospital for the Holy Spirit Foundation in Frankfurt am Main since 2002.

Lejsal Matěj, Charles University, FHS

Matěj has focused on social and health care services system, organizational issues (organizational culture, management, multidisciplinary approach). In 2003 he qualified as a social worker from the Charles University and practised in elderly long term and palliative care. He is involved in teaching at the Charles University with major focus on Social and Health Care policy and Resource Management in Social and Health Care. He has taken part at international University ERASMUS projects (CareMan, Docman). He participated in national project Transformation of Social Services (de-institutionalisation of residential services). He had worked as leading expert on
Feasibility study for enhancement of the social protection system in Moldova for Czech Development Agency. Since 2012 he has been a member of The Government Council for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organizations which makes him a person being very good aware of non-profit sector, in general. Since 2014, he has been trustee at Centre for Palliative Care, research organization. He has been involved in various working groups related to social work and social services at Ministry of social affair.

Lorenz Walter, Charles University, FHS

Walter was professor of social work at University College, Cork in Ireland (1978–2001) and at the Free University of Bozen / Bolzano in Italy (2001–2017) where he served also two terms as Rector. He is currently contract professor at Charles University Prague. A native of Germany, he qualified as a social worker at the London School of Economics and practised for 8 years in East London. His research interests cover current and historical aspects of European social work and social policy. He was awarded honorary doctorates from the universities of Ghent and Aalborg. He co-founded the European Journal of Social Work and Social Work & Society.

Mackenzie Fiona, Edinburgh Napier University

Fiona is a lecturer in the School of Health and Social Care at Edinburgh Napier University. A nurse by background she has worked in a variety of healthcare settings both in the UK and overseas in a number of clinical, management and leadership roles. With a keen interest in change management and leadership she has been involved in a number of projects to build capacity in services and systems improving patient experience and enhancing nurses’ roles. She has also spent time working at national level leading the development and roll out of the national nursing and midwifery workload and workforce planning tools and supporting the implementation of the Dementia strategy.

Matthews-Smith Gerri, Edinburgh Napier University

Gerri is an Associate Professor of Learning Teaching and Research within the Management group at Edinburgh Napier University and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her Doctoral Studies related to self-regulated learning and the development of metacognitive skills. She has a specific interest in understanding how student learn and apply new learning in practice and in transformational skills. She is a certified to administer EQ-i2.0.  She has held roles in the Business School as Director of Research and the Director of the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Home and International Programmes.  She is an experienced doctoral supervisor, examiner and chair with thirty two completions across both traditional PhD’s and Professional Doctorates. In the last five years, she has been involved in research projects worth over £1 million, focusing on programme evaluation and curriculum development. She is currently leading the development of the Military Transitions centre while also leading the Unit of Assessment 17 for REF.

Povolná Pavla, Charles University

works at the Department of Management and Supervision of the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, where she teaches subjects that functionally link ethical economical and procesual aspects of providing of health and social care.
Pavla is a nurse with intensive care practice and outpatient cardiology practice opinions. She is a long-time member of the professional nurses organization – Czech Association of Nurses (ČAS) and an active lecturer on nursing issues at annual cardiology congresses in Brno. In the years 2015–2020 she leaded the Department of Non-medical Professions of the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education (IPVZ). During this period, the team of the department managed to realize new accredited forms of educational programs and educational events for representatives of non-medical professions and medical doctors as well. Since 2018 Pavla has been leading a team on behalf of the Czech Republic in the international project ERASMUS+SIDECAR. The aim of the project is to create an educational program aimed at psychosocial interventions for health and social care professionals taking care of people living with dementia.

Perníková Michaela, Interpreter

Studied at the Institute of Translation studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. In 2012 she received her master’s degree in Conference Interpreting for English and French. Since then she has worked as a freelance translator for the EU institutions and several translation agencies and as a freelance interpreter mainly in the area of healthcare, childcare and parenting.

Reuter Stephanie, Foundation Hospital for the Holy Spirit in Frankfurt am Main.

Since her nursing exam in 2006, she has worked at the University Clinic Frankfurt on an interdisciplinary Intermedic Care ward as a nurse and nurse practice instructor. Since November 2011 she worked as a ward manager of the internal IMC station, graduated as a nursing manager by the IBMG Darmstadt. Since 2018, she has worked as a nursing manager for the surgical departments of Hospital Northwest.

Schulze Ulrike, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Hessian Institute for Nursing

She is a nurse and she worked in several clinical and ambulant settings between 1985 and 1996. After graduating as an educational scientist and her PhD in Sociology/Social Gerontology she has worked as a lecturer, research assistant and scientific project manager. Since 2006 she is a Professor for Nursing science/clinical care at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main. Her key interests and fields of activity are Nursing science, Gerontology, Palliative Care and Clinical care. She works also as a director of the Hessian Institute for Nursing Research.

Sikora Simon, Edinburgh Napier University

Simon is a registered nurse and a lecturer in Edinburgh Napier University’s school of Health and Social Care, where he has worked for around 12 years. Previously he led the BSc (Nursing) in Singapore for several years, and now delivers on the BN and MSc programmes. He is an experienced Programme Leader – running the BSc (Nursing Studies) in the UK. Simon’s clinical background is in adult critical care and practice education, and has diverse educational interests including academic and pastoral support of international students, quality assurance and clinical leadership. Simon is a Senior Fellow of the HEA.

Tomášková Zuzana, Edinburgh Napier University student

In 2014 she finished her bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences at Edinburg Napier University, UK and she continues towards master’s degree in Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner studies in UK as well. She started her work in Czech Republic in Faculty Thomayer’s Hospital where she worked as a staff nurse in NICU level II. Later she moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she worked for almost 8 years in different hospitals and different positions such as senior staff nurse in NICU, Head Nurse of NICU, and NICU Clinical Nurse Specialist. In 2017 she moved back to Czech Republic where she works as Clinical Nurse Specialist for Neonatal Department in Perinatal Centre, NICU level III – IV of General Faculty Hospital in Prague. She is very active in developmental care for neonatal units and developer her own Interactive Developmental Care Course based on international guidelines and NIDCAP strategies. She is building up team for developing national standards of care and implementation of European standards of care for newborn health on national level in Czech Republic. She also cooperates with parental organisation Nedoklubko which is co-founding organisation of EFCNI (European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants).

Zajacová Melanie, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Is qualified as a social worker by completing the study program Social Policy and Social Work at the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Arts, Charles University. She is currently head of the Department of Social Work and Education at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, previously managing an organization providing social services for seniors and their families, and founding a non-profit organization focused on children, youth and family. She has been involved in the issue of social work as a profession in the Czech Republic and its regulation for a long time. She also deals with the education of social workers and other possibilities of improving the conditions for social work, including methodological activities in the field of social work in public administration. She participates in system and international projects focused on social work improvement and she is also involved in research at the Department of Social Work of Charles University.

Zamečníková Aneta, Charles University student

She is studying the second year of Management and Supervision in Social and Health Organisations of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University. She did her bachelor at CTU in Prague, area of study Paramedic. She works as an office manager, course coordinator and Basic Life Support lecturer. She participated at two DOCMAN modules – Innovation and Change Management in winter 2018 in Prague and Designing and Developing Health and Social Care Services in summer 2019 in Lahti. She is interested in management and education in health care and personal development.

Zibarová Tereza, Charles University student

Tereza has bachelor degree from 1. Faculty of Medicine in Occupational therapy. Right now is studying master degree of Management and Supervision in Social and Health Organisations of the Faculthy of Humanities of Charles University. She was an exchange student with programm Erasmus in Sweden at Karolinska Institutet for practice in occupational therapy. She works last two years in England with patients after spinal cord injury. Tereza enjoyed two DOCMAN modules. First Change Management in winter 2018 in Prague and second during summer 2019 in Lahti.